What’s the difference between CBD and Hemp

We know there are tons of confusing terms for CBD like hemp, cannabidiol and other cannabinoids. There are so many terms because of the wide variety of product available on the market. You may have seen hemp seed oil on the counter in your local supermarket, but the difference between that oil and CBD oil is very important to understand.

What’s the Difference between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Hemp Oil?

The technique used to extract cannabidiol rich oil, and hemp seed oil differ in concentration. Hemp seed oil is extracted by cold pressing the seeds. Rich in nutrients and vitamins, hemp seed oil is usually used as a health supplement. This oil does not have all of the same properties as CBD, however, and is used mainly to provide nutrients.

Hemp seed oil’s extraction process is fairly inexpensive, but the CO2 technique used to extract CBD is more meticulous and costly. It requires high maintenance and is kept under a extremely controlled environment. It is extracted in a low temperature, high pressure environment, enabling CO2 to work in its liquid form. Then, CBD is extracted for oils, terpenes and other products in the purest form.

Are there any other methods?

Apart from cold pressing hemps seeds and CO2 extraction, there are other methods that can do the job! The Rick-Simpson’s method of extraction is used for cannabis oil with THC content. This method is executed using solvents like petroleum or naphtha, and is known to produce a higher THC concentration in cannabis oil.

Another extraction method uses ethanol or olive oil as a solvent for CBD extraction. Although this method is considered to be safe and reliable, it can also take chlorophyll out of the plant. This can make the taste of the final product unpleasant, and lowers the CBD concentration. This method produces oil very low in CBD concentration, and a consumer would have to consume a large amount of product to meet his or her’s CBD intake requirement.

CBD Extracted

Ultimately, the CO2 method is the best when it comes to extracting high quality, highly concentrated CBD. It’s how we formulate our CBD infused products in order to produce higher quality, more effective CBD hemp edibles, oils, terpenes, capsules and creams.

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